At Clarity Eyecare, we provide modernized and personalized eye care in addition to high-quality, trendy eyewear. We invite our patients to experience the latest cutting-edge technology in the optometric industry and our seamless white glove service in our optical boutique. We provide comprehensive vision exams, specialty contact lens evaluations, and advanced medical eye services for the Las Vegas community.

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We have revamped what you previously expected from an eye exam. We have gotten rid of old technology and replaced it with advanced technology not only to enhance your experience but provide higher-level diagnostics. From retinal photos to no longer needing the puff of air. Our eye exams have been redesigned to make you more comfortable while providing top-notch eye care.

Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses wearer who loves the outdoors, enjoys sports, and live an active lifestyle. At Clarity Eyecare, we provide spherical, toric, and multifocal soft contact lens evaluation. 

Dry eye is very common, particularly in Las Vegas! Dry eyes can range from an annoyance to debilitating symptoms including burning, stinging, redness, and sensitivity to light. At Clarity Eyecare, we believe that taking care of your eye health is important in helping you see your best.

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is now becoming much more common in children at a younger age and accelerating more rapidly.


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